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Tashkent based commercial photographer.


Saidazim Fazilov is a commercial photographer and graphic designer; creator of his own brand 'SaAz Photography'.


His portfolio is a collection of images ranging in different moods and genres. Being based in Uzbekistan, Saidazim found art and culture of his country as a richest source of inspiration. He mixes traditional motifs with modern techniques in photography to create images that catches attention and becomes a subject of interst.

"Welcome to the orient!" is the first successful project made by Saidazim in 2010, inspired by a beauty of Uzbekistan, during his travel to the ancient city of Khiva, located in Khorezm.


Artistic and dynamic portraits were published in numerous local and foreign media and demonstrated during the International Photo Biennale in Tashkent in 2010.


The series have been completed with some additional ethno-images from Bukhara, Tashkent and Samarkand in years to come.



Simultaniously Saidazim goes deeper into fashion and advertising photography fields.

Thus he begun to cooperate with major advertising agencies and brands in Uzbekistan. Including the Studio Panorama Media, Advertising Agency Brandbox, CPA Proart, Jurabek Laboratories, Colgate Uzbekistan and many others.


In 2014, Saidazim opens his first photography studio in Tashkent.

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